Announcing the 2015 Seed fellows


We are very excited to share the members of the 2015 Polymath Seed Fellowship. From Ukraine to Capetown, New York City to Bogotá, we can’t wait to see what this talented group of individuals will build. Watch this space for updates on the 2015 Seed project.

Elizabeth Kimball is from the US, a former management consultant. She recently finished her MBA at IE in Spain, and she speaks some pretty good Mandarin.

Katia Ivleva is from Russia, went to Moscow State University, worked at BCG in Moscow & Milan, and recently grew garlic with an agri-business startup in Ukraine.

Mariana Prieto is from Colombia, attended Art Center College of Design, and was an global fellow. Loves cars and all animals.

Jorge García-Luengo is from Spain, and recently founded and ran a tech startup called Smoobility. Before that he coached and incubated other startups. He is currently doing amazing things at our venture KIDU.

Kevin W. is from the US. He started his first business at 11 years old, and has since worked as an analyst at the US Treasury Department and Goldman Sachs, before managing a technology company in Cape Town, South Africa.

Luisa Ruge is from Colombia, and has spent much of her career in the US. She studied industrial design at Los Andes and has an MFA from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She also trains service dogs and wants to put Go-Pros on cattle.

Aude Broos (pronounced like “Ode”) is from Belgium, went to the University of Pennsylvania. She most recently worked at Deloitte Consulting in New York. She likes to dance and eat Nutella.

And from the Polymath crew…

Craig Edelman is a Polymath partner, from the US, and has participated in all past Seed projects. You can read about his background here. Currently Craig is leading our venture KIDU, and lovin the kids.

Rosanne Koning is a business designer at Polymath. She is from the Netherlands, and has degrees in organizational psychology. More about her here. Rose is currently leading product at our venture Aflore.

Kevin McElroy is an industrial designer from the US. He is a Polymath partner, and was a team lead on both past Seed projects. Currently he is pushing the renovations of our new office, and his contractor-Spanish is improving. More about Kevin here.

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