We are The Venture Studio for Latin America

We are a group of entrepreneurs building digital platforms to empower the middle-class of Latam

We are looking for Builders to join our Business Design team and strengthen our building capabilities in order to continue achieving our purpose of impact and empowerment. 

The next generation of Polymath Builders owns a unique perspective of the world. We aim to work along with top Entrepreneurs in Residence, Business Designers, and Service Designers with a true desire to build meaningful solutions.

Builders work directly alongside Polymath leaders, Venture’s Founders, and our Corporate Partners to:

  • Build new and disruptive ventures from scratch
  • Support the growth of one of our early-stage Polymath startups
  • Design, validate or accelerate a startup project for Latam-based corporations



What is the Builders Program?


The objective of the Builders Program is to strengthen our team’s design capabilities to create and launch a new venture with one of our corporate partners.

The selected Builders will join our elite team that will work together to build products and services for the middle class of Latin America.

Why building with us?

  • Real hands-on experience and access to methodologies to build new ventures. We are not consultants; we are hands-on operators. You will gain exceptional experience in not only designing great companies but building them as well.
  • High impact entrepreneurship in emerging markets. You will gain a deep understanding of building companies within more difficult, yet high-potential markets.
  • Join one of the most talented teams in Latin America with the right methodology. You will gain exposure to top global talent from diverse fields: design, business, technology, etc.

I’m intrigued, tell me more…

We are looking for two different profiles, each of them with different expertise and backgrounds. The builders on this program own a unique view of the world and are eager to build disruption.

Entrepreneur in Residence

This new role gives you the flexibility to be an entrepreneur from the get-go while leading challenging projects in different areas of the organization.

    • Strong ambition to be an entrepreneur and lead a new venture
    • Excited about building from scratch
    • Influence decision-makers with your unique point of view


Business Designer

This role requires a unique blend of entrepreneurial passion, real-work experience, and analytical power.

  • Strong business understanding. Capable of creating and assessing a business model
  • Incredible analytical horsepower, structured and quick thinking
  • Great risk appetite, resourceful and hands-on


"We're a start-up for start-ups. It's very meta"

Kevin McElroy - Advisor @ Polymath

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