Our venture founders

At the heart of all of our businesses are specially selected founding member teams. When the Seed phase concludes with an exciting business concept, we rigorously recruit the best senior talent in the region to form the executive leadership that will take the concept into launch and operations. Founders own significant equity stake in the venture, and are committed to the success of the business – we work alongside them every step of the way.

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Ana Barrera
Founder & CEO @ Aflore

Antoine Dumit
Founder & CEO @ Táximo

Carolina Medina
Founder & COO @ VincuVentas

Manuel Jimenez
Founder & COO @ Aflore

Salomón Stroh
Founder & CPO @ Táximo

Salvador Zepeda
Founder & CEO @ Autolab

Zach Oschin
Founder & CGO @ Elenas

Founder spotlight

Ana Barrera
Founder & CEO | Aflore

Ana began her career at the trading desk of the Federación de Cafeteros in 1999, designing hedging instruments for local coffee growers. She saw potential of financial tools to empower workers against market volatility.

She moved to London to study at London Business School, and became a derivatives trader and structurer in Lehman Brothers, staying for many years.

Interested in going back to the roots of designing financial instruments for the working class, Ana worked in the Philippines in small business lending, in Colombia for Ashoka in home improvements.

In her last days at Ashoka, she presented a workshop at McKinsey and met Antoine Dumit, who was leaving McKinsey to join Táximo as CEO. There she was introduced to Polymath and the Aflore concept.

Ana joined Aflore as CEO and leads the company in building a network of informal financial advisors. She still loves to design financial instruments, like loans and insurance, that fit people’s lives.

What we provide Founders

As an entrepreneur, building alone is extremely difficult (especially in emerging markets). At Polymath, we put all necessary ingredients together to drastically increase the likelihood of success. Here’s what founders who join us can expect:

Ready to found a game-changing company?

We are looking for the next great leaders for our ventures. Our founders exhibit incredible analytical horsepower, a strong bias towards action, big risk appetite (willingness to take less salary in place of substantial equity ownership) and great leadership ability. So if you think you could be the next CEO or COO of one of our companies, reach out!

Aflore selected a FINNOSUMMIT Challenge finalist

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"What I'm most proud of is when important, amazing people quit good jobs and safe lives to jump into entrepreneurship to become founders"

Kevin McElroy - Advisor @ Polymath

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