Natalie Copuroglu

"I'm excited every day to build a product, team, and a culture that is aligned to my passion and values"

After many years working for startups in Asia, Europe, and the US, Natalie worked for an impact design studio in Africa where she discovered a passion for health. At Polymath Ventures, Natalie found a model that could be sustainable in the long term while still creating massive impact. Today, she leads Tani, Latin America’s leading medical procedures platform, providing quality care and transparent prices for the middle-class.

Raphael Kromer

"I am passionate about creating startups to empower Latin American middle-class"

Before joining Polymath, Raphael worked at Paua Ventures, a German venture capital fund focusing on early-stage tech companies across Europe and where he discovered his passion to create new ventures. Today, Raph is leading one of our newest ventures, Ropstar, redefining what selling and shopping second-hand in Latam mean.

Juan David Vizcaya

"I am a serial entrepreneur and Polymath Ventures is the best ally to create my next big venture".

Juan David has extensive experience as an entrepreneur, co-founding tech companies such as MensjaerosUrbanos,, and 10X, participating in different stages of the startup journey and participating in several investment rounds. Today, Juan David is focused on Ropstar leading the marketing and IT teams to achieve their best potential and redefine the secondhand market in Latam.


Our Founders are THE top talent in their field with a deep desire to build things that create true value into the world. Our Founders come from both entrepreneurial and corporate worlds, but all know that succeeding in entrepreneurship is all about WHO you build with.

The odds are stacked against the everyday venture founder, especially when doing it alone and even more so in emerging markets. Our Founders know that we are stronger (and more likely to succeed) together.
Plus it’s a lot more fun.

All our Founders come with a big risk appetite. Yes, it will be hard. Yes, salaries will not be great.  But the reward is great on many fronts: we combine large equity ownership (which means life-changing financial outcomes) with working with some of the best entrepreneurial talent using world-class startup methodologies.
All this provides an unmatched learning (and life) experience.


Polymath was designed to be the best possible cofounder to the next great entrepreneurial talent (you!). Everything we do aims to drastically de-risk the company (making it more likely to succeed big) and make Founders work more efficient, effective and altogether enjoyable.

Polymath Partners and staff (not to mention other venture Founders) are Founders’ true partners. We are deep professional colleagues with aligned goals, as well as shoulders to cry at times. We are deeply involved in the early stages (1-2 years of the company), providing full teams of Polymath staff to the venture to help find product-market fit and break through big problems.

We are also heavily involved in venture funding. Founders jump into a funded business and can expect deep involvement from Polymath Partners and our investment team on every fundraising round. We have also established a $40M Fund to invest in Series A and B rounds of our ventures, an immensely valuable de-risking mechanism for Polymath companies and Founders.

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RISK VS REWARD (Is all this really worth it?)

We believe that the best way into entrepreneurship is to share the risk…and of course the reward. That is why Founders are given a significant stake in their venture, much more than the industry standard.

In addition, an important part of Founder’s equity package is equity participation in all other ventures of the Polymath group. We do this to help Founders de-risk (we know it’s a big decision to jump in entrepreneurship!). We also do this because we know our Founders add real value to other ventures, which deserves to be rewarded.

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"As Yoda says: Do or do not, there is no try"

Luis Castillo - Chief Growth Officer @ Aflore