Founder / C-level Mgmt
Entrepreneur in Residence

Peru or Colombia or Mexico

Welcome to Polymath Ventures! The Venture Studio for Latin America.

We are a group of entrepreneurs with the goal to empower the middle-class of Latin America through designing from scratch digital companies that give fair access to quality services and better income-generating opportunities. We believe that this is the best way for sustainable economic development — and the most meaningful way to invest in our talent and energy.


We are looking for an Entrepreneur in Residence to work alongside our team of builders designing, validating, and growing new ventures from scratch. As an Entrepreneur in residence, you will have the opportunity to become the founder of a new venture. How? You will be working from day one alongside top talent, and our current founders who are experts in building from scratch new startups and who will help you throughout the process so that you have the possibility of becoming a founder.

Location: Peru, Colombia, or Mexico.


Responsibilities of the role

You will have to: 

  • Own the daily operations of the company building process, from researching new industries, talking to potential customers and designing new business solutions 
  • Lead strategic steering conversations about the future of the venture
  • Leverage your business experience to transform a concept into a viable business model
  • Understand which are the critical elements of a startup that you should test constantly and how to execute them
  • Manage and execute projects from the conception phase to the launch phase
  • Follow up post launch phase identifying bad and best practices to improve on each area of the venture
  • Analyzing customer data to identify low-hanging opportunities for growth
  • Launch, run, and scale the new venture



  • Understand all the functions of building a new venture 
  • Know how to make data-driven decisions 
  • Know how to plan, prototype and supervise the development of a new venture 
  • Have great leadership and social influence
  • Hands on personality 
  • Analytical and innovative thinker 
  • Complex problem solving 
  • Ability to use structured and unstructured data to develop strategies and draw learnings
  • Comfort with ambiguity and great risk appetite
  • Active learning personality 

Desired background

  • 6+ years of working experience
  • Real experience as an entrepreneur in high-performance environments, e.g. startups or strategy consulting
  • Experience building and leading teams
  • Proven experience leading digital products
  • Strong ambition to be an entrepreneur and lead a new startup 
  • Stellar communication in English and Spanish
  • Demonstrated interest in continuously developing yourself and learning new skills


Why joining us?

  • Real hands-on experience and access to unique methodologies to build new ventures. We are hands-on builders. You will gain exceptional experience in not only designing great companies but building them as well.
  • High impact entrepreneurship in emerging markets. You will gain a deep understanding of building companies within more difficult, yet high-potential markets.
  • Build with one of the most talented teams in Latin America with the right methodology. You will gain exposure to top global talent from diverse fields: design, business, technology, etc
  • Get full access to our network of founders, advisors, investors, and an extensive community of allies. 


Important notes on Compensation: We work in a highly entrepreneurial environment, so you will typically see a salary below market range. However, this role receives equity participation in Polymath Ventures and, as such, in each of its ventures. This is entrepreneurship and we want to be risk takers.


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Polymath Ventures is a company builder for emerging markets. Using a combination of business and design-thinking, Polymath creates new business ventures — from scratch, to scale massively across Latin America. Our companies address the latent needs of the growing middle class through innovative products and services.

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