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Business Designer

Bogotá, Colombia or Mexico City

We are looking for Venture Builders to join our Business Design team, that is why we designed an entire program to find the next generation of Polymath Builders. There are three open roles, including this position, find the right one for you and apply. We can not wait to meet you.



Business Designers are part of our venture building team. We are looking for analytical, and entrepreneurial strategic thinkers. Able to turn a concept or initial idea into a viable business. To do so, Business Designers need to be able to build business models and assess their viability, profitability, and scalability. Business Designers are capable of understanding users’ needs and industry trends to translate insights into business models and create high impactful solutions from scratch.



Business Designers work directly alongside Polymath leaders, Venture's Founders, and our Corporate Partners to:

  • Build new and disruptive ventures from scratch.
  • Support the growth of one of our early-stage Polymath startups.
  • Design, validate, and/or accelerate new products, services, and ventures for a Latam-based corporate.



We design and build companies through 4 main stages: Ideation, Validation, Product-Market-Fit and Acceleration. Business Designers are key players during the ideation and validation stage, in which they have the exciting responsibility of transforming the concept into a viable business, by deeply understanding:

  • Unit economics: Building a long term financial model which allows us to validate the principal hypothesis, and the viability and potential of the solution which we are developing.
  • The market: Prioritizing concepts based on the following criteria: Insights, market size, competition, and business profitability.  Answering questions such as:  What is the market? What is the size of the market? What are the tendencies of the market? What is the potential of the market?



  • Gain real hands-on experience and access to methodologies, such as HCD, Lean & Agile Ops, Biz Model Prototyping or Learning Cycle, to build new ventures. We are not consultants; we are hands-on operators. You will acquire an exceptional experience not only designing great companies but building them as well.
  • Generate a high impact in emerging markets. You will gain a deep understanding of building companies within more difficult, yet high-potential markets. 
  • We are interested in a variety of industries. Currently, we are working with corporations in the following categories: Health, Mobility, Retail, and Education.
  • Join one of the most talented teams in Latin America with the right methodology. You will gain exposure to top global talent from diverse fields: design, business, technology, etc. 

You will share your work experience with amazing people such as Natalie Copuroglu, Berta Argente or Juan Ignacio Correa.



  • Min 4 years of working experience in at least two of the following: high-growth startups, management consulting, investment/finance, technology, data science, or product management.
  • Incredible analytical horsepower, problem-solving skills, comfort with numbers.
  • Depth and structured thinking.
  • Flexible.
  • Really fast learner, understands quickly and does it with low oversight.
  • Intellectual leadership. Able to respond and recommend a decision with ownership and strong reasoning.
  • Strong business understanding. Capable of creating and assessing a business model.
  • Hands-on and resourceful.
  • Comfort with ambiguity.
  • Stellar stakeholder management and communication skills, written and verbal.
  • Comfortable having discussions in English and Spanish.

To set yourself apart, you will bring:

  • Masters degree/MBA.
  • Real experience as an entrepreneur or in high-growth environments.
  • Experience building financial models from scratch.
  • Leadership skills and ability to influence people.

Location: Bogotá, Colombia or Mexico City



Share with us your track record through your portfolio of projects.

Pick at least three projects, be selective, and pick those that best reflect your skill set.

For each project make sure to include: 

  • Your problem: Describe the challenge
  • Your solution
  • Your process to get there
  • Your role in this project - What was your superpower

Projects can be team projects or individual projects. We highly recommend a combination of both. Also, be visual, use your own style, and avoid long, dense texts. Instead, we encourage you to use creative formats to showcase your skills. 

You can upload your portfolio as:

  • a file (in the space of the cover letter) 
  • or as a link in the last question

Any application that comes without a portfolio will not be considered.

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