Founder / C-level Mgmt
Principal (Senior Member)

Bogota D.C, Colombia or Mexico City, Mexico

Principal (Senior Member)

Polymath Ventures is looking for new members to join the senior ranks of the organization. Polymath has grown tremendously over the last years, and with expansion from Colombia into other markets, including Mexico and China, we need exceptional, senior individuals that will allow Polymath to grow to the next level.

 Who are Principals within Polymath?

Principals are Partner-tracked, top-caliber business thinkers and operators who play critical roles across the Polymath group. With exceptional horsepower and management skills, a Principal leads teams through the design and acceleration of an early-stage, rapidly growing Polymath company. Within the Polymath context, a Principal could essentially serve as the interim-CEO for one of our early-stage companies. In that sense, a Principal can handle the management of many individuals leading various, complex work-streams in a fast-paced, ambiguous, startup environment.
Principals additionally take Partner-level responsibility, participating in most Partner decisions, and taking increasing weight of the organization (responsibility of Polymath, not just the ventures). In that sense, Principals are not just tasked with helping launch and grow our portfolio ventures, but also to help grow Polymath itself. Principals, along with Partners, manage various large sections of the company: Investment, Talent Acquisition, Design & Acceleration, Talent Development, Finance, etc.

In additions, Principals are at many times placed in venture advisory roles. Thus, the ability to help guide and influence the direction of ventures on a strategic and operational level is paramount.

To be clear, Principals are not consultants to our companies. They are almost always fully integrated within a venture or a Polymath project, leading teams to overcome key challenges and steer the direction of the company.

We are looking for Principals in our Colombia and Mexico offices.

Why build with us?

  • Join one of the most talented teams in Latin America with the right methodology to dramatically increase the likelihood of startup success
  • Build something important that impacts customers' lives and employs 1000s of people
  • See the direct results of every ounce of sweat (and tears)

What will you get?

  • Real operational experience.We are not consultant, we are hands on operators. You will gain exceptional experience in not only designing great companies, but building them as well.
  • Methodologies to build new ventures.You will gain exposure to Polymath’s model of designing, and growing new businesses.
  • Entrepreneurship in emerging markets.You will gain a deep understanding of building companies within more difficult, yet high-potential markets.
  • Working alongside top, diverse talent.You will gain exposure to top global talent from a diverse fields: design, business, technology, etc.
  • Exposure to venture finance.We will keep you connected with the strategy behind venture funding.
  • Balancing business with impact. You will see how we create value for investors, users, and employees.

We are looking for individuals with the following characteristics:

  • 7+ years of relevant experience
  • True venture operations experience (not just pure consultancy or strategy)
  • Incredible analytical horsepower
  • Mastery of function or domain relevant to position
  • High empathy
  • Exceptional leadership qualities
  • Great risk appetite
  • Flexible, quick thinking and learning mindset
  • Ambition to build big
  • Experience in the Mexican market is big plus
  • Fluency in English and Spanish

A few of Polymath's successes so far

  • 7 ventures launched since late 2012
  • Operations in Colombia, Mexico and Peru…and China is launching soon
  • Over 300 people employed across the Polymath group
  • All ventures have raised external rounds of capital 
  • Táximo, our first company, is now the largest taxi administration company in Colombia, and the founders have become Endeavor Entrepreneurs; the company has also opened an office in Peru

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