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Founded in 2012, Polymath Ventures is a digital group that creates businesses from scratch, to scale massively across emerging markets. We take a hands-on approach, producing our own deal flow, attracting high potential entrepreneurs and providing extensive operational support to our companies throughout their lifecycle. To date, Polymath operates 6 startups:

  • Táximo (Colombia | Peru | Mexico). Taximo’s mission is to provide drivers with the opportunity to have access to vehicles and by this mean, improve their capacity to build capital and sustain their families through a financing and renting digital platform
  • Aflore (Colombia). Aflore is the first direct sales network for financial services in Latin America; a company that, powered by technology, brings loans and insurance products directly to the homes of the underbanked.
  • Autolab (Colombia). Autolab’s mission is to open opportunities to people through affordable, reliable mobility by connecting and organizing the world of aftermarket.
  • Vincu (Colombia). VincuVentas is an employment technology venture transforming employability in emerging markets by solving the supply-and-demand disconnect for sales positions through its AI recruitment platform
  • Elenas (Colombia). Elenas leverages the power of personal relationships and the scalability of marketplaces in order to improve income opportunities for millions of women across Latin America through their digital direct sales platform.
  • Nido (Mexico). Nido is an online platform for renting rooms in Mexico City that provides landlords an easy way of increasing their rental income and roomies a seamless experience to find their ideal room

We are looking for Founders & C-Levels to join build and scale our ventures. Our founders & C-Levels are leaders with sharp analytical abilities, experience in roles with increasing complexity and a lot of grit to lead our ventures through uncertainty to success. C-Levels and Founders join us as partners, taking significant equity ownership in the funded venture, in addition to a startup salary. They benefit from our expertise and support in all relevant functions.

Joining us is both very challenging and rewarding. You will experience setting up and/or scaling a digital venture in emerging markets as an entrepreneur, while being part of an international network of highly motivated and talented people. 


  • Join one of the most talented teams in Latin America with the right methodology to dramatically increase the likelihood of startup success
  • Join a funded business concept, ready to launch on Day 1, plus a network of investors to support further funding rounds
  • Build something important that truly impacts customers' lives
  • Own a substantial portion of the company that converts into life-changing financial outcomes
  • See the direct results of every ounce of sweat (and tears)
  • Stop thinking about starting something... actually do it!


On the formal side of things, you will have:

  • Excellent personal leadership skills and proven ability to build, develop, and motivate multi-disciplinary teams
  • 7+ years of working experience in high-growth environments (ideally with P&L responsibility)
  • Incredible analytical and problem solving horsepower
  • Track record as a self-starter with demonstrated hands-on attitude
  • Flexible, quick thinking and excitement to learn in rapid learning cycles
  • Strong oral and verbal communication skills; ability to synthesise complex information into clear messages
  • Ambition and drive to build big
  • Great risk appetite (you should expect high participation, not high salaries)
  • Fluency in English and Spanish required
  • Long-term commitment to live in Mexico or Colombia

On top of that, we are looking for:

  • Grit - You are resilient in challenging situations and have an inherent drive to break through the toughest problems
  • Growth mindset - You have a deep desire to learn and improve yourself, and have the resilience required to fail, get up and try again
  • Bias to action - You don’t act hastily, but deliberately: you try something out, see if it works, and then try again
  • Ownership - You solve the problem at hand, demonstrate follow-through, and simply put: get things done
  • Day 1 attitude - You never take an expert view and approach each challenge you face with a beginners mindset


We work in a highly entrepreneurial environment, with the expectation that all parties involved take real financial risk to build a successful company and thus produce life-changing financial outcomes.

As opposed to building a company on your own, Founders receive salaries from day one. However, within the Polymath model, Founders are expected to take significant haircuts from their market salary. This is well-overcompensated for through substantial equity ownership in the business. Thus, should the business be successful (which we do everything in our power to accomplish together), the financial outcomes will be many times more than the financial risk taken.

With regard to salary, we would typically see a salary below market range in the first year, and increasing quite substantially after subsequent funding rounds (roughly each year, as the venture is more capitalised). After proving the business can work, salaries of C-level individuals substantially increase. So most of the risk lies in the first year of the business.

We realise this starting salary is well below market salary. But given the substantial levels of equity participation, and the need to give the business as much runway in the first year to prove success, this is the entrepreneurial reality. And after further rounds, the salary does go up to more reasonable levels, though will never reach full market salary (this is entrepreneurship and we want risk takers!)

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Polymath Ventures is a company builder for emerging markets. Using a combination of business and design-thinking, Polymath creates new business ventures — from scratch, to scale massively across Latin America. Our companies address the latent needs of the growing middle class through innovative products and services.

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