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We are The Venture Studio for Latin America. We are a group of entrepreneurs building digital platforms to empower the middle-class of Latin America.

We empower the Latin American middle-class through intentionally designed solutions that give fair access to quality services and better income-generating opportunities. We believe that this is the best way for sustainable economic development — and the most meaningful way to invest our talent and energy.



As a Strategic Designer, you are part of the first stages of the venture building. We need top-caliber service designers to lead the understanding of customer needs, preferences, and behaviors that will help us discover the insights to create impactful products and services for the middle class of Latin America.

We will count on you to craft the path our users will take and define the various touch-points that shape the experience of the solutions we build.

You will work at the intersection of design and business, alongside Polymath leaders and our corporate partners to build new and disruptive ventures from scratch. You will be fully integrated within Polymath projects, leading all user-centric research and understanding and thereby contributing to steering the direction of the company.


  • 4+ years of working experience 
  • Robust experience in Designing services from a strategic role
  • Stellar stakeholder management and communication skills, written and verbal
  • Impact-driven, analytical and creative
  • Great risk appetite and ambition to build big
  • Experience in high-growth environments is a plus
  • Fluency in Spanish and English

On top of that, we are looking for:

  • Growth mindset - You have a deep desire to learn and improve yourself, and have the resilience required to fail, get up and try again
  • Bias to action - You don’t act hastily, but deliberately: you try something out, see if it works, and then try again
  • Ownership - You solve the problem at hand, demonstrate follow-through, and simply put: get things done
  • Day 1 attitude - You never take an expert view and approach each challenge you face with a beginners mindset

Location: Bogota, Colombia, or Mexico City, Mexico.


  • Join one of the most talented teams in Latin America with the right methodology to dramatically increase the likelihood of startup success
  • Build something important that impacts customers' lives and employs 1000’s of people
  • See the direct results of every ounce of sweat (and tears)



Show us what you have to build with us! Update your CV, Linkedin profile and your portfolio of projects

Pick at least three projects that you feel more proud of or which you believe best reflect your skillset. For each project: 

  • Describe the challenge you were set to solve (problem)
  • What was the outcome of the project (solution)
  • How did you get to the solution (process)
  • How was your participation critical to solving the problem - this is where your skills should shine

Be visual and use your own style. Don’t just write up paragraphs describing what happened, use images, videos and/or illustrations to show the process and the solution. Process is as important, or even more, as the solution. It shows how you think and problem solve, so take us through the journey of how you got to the solution.

Projects can be team projects or individual projects. It is best to showcase a combination of both since it shows how you collaborate and how you’re able to make decisions on your own.

Pick what you feel helps us better understand your skillset and who you are.  Can’t wait to meet you!

You can upload your portfolio as:

  • a file (in the space of cover letter) 
  • or as a link in the last question

Any application that comes without a portfolio will not be considered.


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