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Colombia, Peru or Mexico

Welcome to Polymath Ventures! The Venture Studio for Latin America. 

We are a group of entrepreneurs building digital companies to empower the middle-class of Latin America. We do so by intentionally designing and building solutions from scratch that give fair access to quality services and better income-generating opportunities. We believe that this is the best way for sustainable economic development — and the most meaningful way to invest our talent and energy.



Business Designers are part of our company building team. We are looking for analytical, entrepreneurial, structured thinkers, who can turn a concept or initial idea into a viable business. In order to create high impactful digital solutions from scratch, Business Designers need to: rapidly understand industry trends and users’ needs; build business models; and assess their viability, profitability, and scalability.

Business Designers work directly alongside Polymath leaders, Venture Founders, and our Corporate Partners to:

  • Build disruptive digital ventures
  • Support the growth of one of our early-stage Polymath startups
  • Design, validate, and/or accelerate new products, services, and ventures with a LatAm-based corporate



We design and build companies through 4 main stages: Ideation, Validation, Product-Market-Fit and Growth. Business Designers are key players during the ideation and validation stage mainly, in which they have the exciting responsibility of transforming the concept into a viable business, by deeply understanding:

  • Unit economics: Building a long term financial model which allows us to validate the principal hypothesis, and the viability and potential of the solution we are developing.
  • The market: Prioritizing concepts based on the following criteria: insights, market size, competition, and business profitability. Answering questions such as:  What is the market? What is the size of the market? What are the tendencies of the market? What is the potential of the market?



  • 4+ years of working experience in at least two of the following: investment or finance; management consulting; product, growth, tech or data in startups
  • Strong business understanding: capable of creating and assessing a business model
  • Deep and structured thinking
  • Comfort with numbers, incredible analytical horsepower and problem-solving skills
  • Flexible and versatile: willing to face challenges and situations that take them out of their comfort zone 
  • Really fast learner, understands quickly and does it with low oversight
  • Intellectual leadership: able to respond and recommend a decision with ownership and strong reasoning
  • Hands-on and resourceful
  • Stellar communication skills, written and verbal, in English and Spanish

To set yourself apart and get extra points:

  • Masters degree in business
  • Real experience as an entrepreneur or in high-growth environments
  • Leadership skills
  • Creativity

Location: Colombia, Peru or Mexico



  • Real hands-on experience and access to unique methodologies for building new ventures. You will gain exceptional experience designing and building great companies 
  • High impact entrepreneurship in emerging markets. You will gain a deep understanding of building companies within more difficult, yet high-potential markets
  • Build with one of the most talented teams in Latin America. You will work alongside top talent from diverse fields: design, business, technology, etc.
  • Get full access to our network of founders, advisors, investors, and an extensive community of allies

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Polymath Ventures is a company builder for emerging markets. Using a combination of business and design-thinking, Polymath creates new business ventures — from scratch, to scale massively across Latin America. Our companies address the latent needs of the growing middle class through innovative products and services.

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