Founder / C-level Mgmt
Health-Tech Entrepreneur in Residence

Peru or Mexico or Colombia

Welcome to Polymath Ventures! The Venture Studio for Latin America. 

We are a group of entrepreneurs building digital companies to empower the middle-class of Latin America. We do so through intentionally designed solutions built from scratch that give fair access to quality services and better income-generating opportunities. We believe that this is the best way for sustainable economic development — and the most meaningful way to invest in our talent and energy.

Arana is our most recent co-build and our next bet to become a high-growth digital startup. Starting from the challenge of creating a massive digital solution in healthcare for the emerging middle class in Latin America, Arana is the first marketplace that makes finding medical procedures easy, quick, safe and at a fair price, solving the needs of patients, doctors, and clinics.


Are you passionate about solving a complex challenge in the healthcare industry in Latin America? 

We are looking for a Health-Tech Entrepreneur in Residence excited to transform the traditional healthcare industry in Latam and provide innovative and fair solutions for the middle-class. To do so, you will work alongside our team of builders to steer the strategic direction of Arana.

As an Entrepreneur in Residence, you will have the opportunity to become a founder & c-level of Arana in the next 6-12 months. How? You will go through an entrepreneurial journey alongside our building experts and current founders to evolve your capabilities and increase your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur.  

If you have experience in the healthcare industry (corporate or entrepreneurial) and/or experience in high-growth environments (high-growth startups or consulting), we are looking for you!

As a Health-Tech EIR you will have to: 

  • Lead one key area of Arana’s business: product / ops / growth / tech
  • Lead the team towards reaching product-market fit
  • Steer the direction of the business towards scalability and healthy growth


What are we looking for?

  • Passion for healthcare
  • > 7 years of work experience
  • Senior leadership experience in core functional roles in high-growth startup environments: C-level or Operations / Growth / Product / Data /Tech Experience
  • Hunger to be an entrepreneur and potential founder of a health-tech company
  • Entrepreneurial instincts: risk-taker, proactive and hands-on
  • Experience building and leading teams from scratch
  • Openness and reflectiveness to learn and change perspective when needed
  • Long-term commitment to build and scale a startup in Latam
  • Stellar communication in English and Spanish

A plus if you have: 

  • Work experience in the healthcare industry
  • Real experience as founder/co-founder of your own digital company
  • Great leadership skills and social influence
  • Structured thinking process to solve big challenges 
  • Creative mindset over complex problems

Location: Peru, Mexico, or Colombia.


Why join us?

  • Be a C-level Founder. You will have the opportunity to become a founder & c-level, in the next 6 to 12 months, of a new venture that has been built for the middle-class in Latin America. Together we will de-risk the company, aiming for big success.
  • Leverage strategic functions. You will lead a fully funded venture (first 18 months) alongside a multidisciplinary team of experts in Fundraising, Talent, Finance, Marketing, and Legal.
  • Build with one of the most talented teams in Latin America. You will work alongside top and motivated talent from diverse fields and exceptional mentors - our CEO Wenyi Cai and Polymath Ventures founders - that will support and challenge you to get to the next level.
  • Be part of our network of founders, investors, advisors, and an extensive community of allies.
  • Access to unique methodologies to build new ventures. You will gain exceptional experience designing and building great companies, through our methodologies, resources and connections to increase your success.
  • Receive compensation from Day 1. You will have financial compensation and equity in the group from the 1st day. We believe EIRs are essential to the evolution of our ventures, so we invest in you from the get-go.

Important notes on Compensation: 

  • We work in a highly entrepreneurial environment, so you will typically see a salary offer lower than corporations but with an interesting equity compensation structure
  • You will build your entrepreneurial path, which could lead to gaining significant founder equity in Arana. 

Do you want to know more about Arana? Take a look to our website

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