Founder / C-level Mgmt
CEO of Venture

Bogotá D.C, Colombia or Mexico City, Mexico

We are seeking a new CEO to work with us 

Polymath Ventures is looking for a CEO to join one of our ventures. Venture CEOs are Latam’s top entrepreneurial talent who join us to build and scale our companies. They are leaders with the sharp analytic abilities, proven experience, and grit to lead a venture to success. CEOs join us as partners, taking significant equity ownership in the funded venture, plus a startup salary.

Polymath Partners and staff work directly alongside CEOs for the first year, and continue to provide support the following years.

Why build with us?

Polymath has grown tremendously over the last 5 years of operation, with 6 ventures launched (8 by years end) and over 300 amazing staff across the portfolio. With Polymath’s expansion from Colombia into new markets, including Mexico and China, we need exceptional, senior individuals that will allow Polymath to grow to the next level.

We have established ourselves as one of the world’s top company builders. We are currently closing a substantial investment vehicle (of game-changing size) to support the growth our ventures, bringing us to a new era for Polymath. We could not be more excited about the next stages of our growth. To make it happen, we need experienced and successful entrepreneurs that know not just how to invest, but how to build. We need brilliant minds and executers to build the next game-changing ventures in emerging markets, globally. 

  • Build the first highly successful, global company builder, focused on emerging markets
  • Join one of the most talented and diverse teams in Latin America 
  • Join Polymath at an amazing moment in our history, when we are closing significant investment to fuel our next level of growth
  • Build ventures that impact customers' lives and employs 1000s of people
  • See the direct results of every ounce of sweat (and tears)
  • Stop thinking about starting something...actually do it!

We are seeking an early-stage CEO for:

  • Mesa (Colombia) - A mass market, quick service restaurant concept targeting the middle class
    • Requirements specific to role: experience in the restaurant industry a huge plus, strong customer/product mindset, very strong analytical and business acumen, knowledge of real estate industry a huge plus as well
  • Raices (Mexico) - A company that brings back transparency and trust to buying and selling a home in Latin America
    • Requirements specific to role: Commitment to living in Mexico for many years, experience in the real estate industry very important 
  • New Venture- CEO and COO (Colombia) - We are launching a new venture in the coming months around food consumption in the middle class. We are half way through our design process, and have some very interesting concepts that are entering the prototyping phase.

We are looking for individuals with the following characteristics:

  • 7+ years of working experience in high-growth environments
  • True venture entrepreneurial experience (not just pure consultancy or strategy). In order to support our founders, you must come with the experience of building organizations in a complex startup environment.
  • Incredible analytical strength
  • High empathy
  • Exceptional leadership qualities and demonstrated experience leading teams
  • Great risk appetite (you should expect high participation, not high salaries)
  • Flexible, quick thinking and learning mindset
  • Ambition to build an incredible organization
  • Long-term commitment to building venture in Mexico or Colombia 
  • Fluency in English and Spanish

IMPORTANT comments on compensation and risk-taking

We work in a highly entrepreneurial environment, with the expectation that all parties involved take real financial risk to build a successful company and thus produce life-changing financial outcomes.

As opposed to building a company on your own, founders receive salaries on day and the support and guidance of the Polymath Community.  Most of our founders are looking to change their career path and become entrepreneurs.  However, at Polymath this usually means taking a significant pay cut.  This is compensated through substantial equity ownership in the business. Thus, should the business be successful (which we work on  accomplishing together), the financial outcomes will be many times more than the financial risk taken.

With regard to salary, we would typically see a ~4K USD/month salary range in the first year, and increasing quite substantially after subsequent funding rounds (roughly each year, as the venture is more capitalize).  After proving the business can work, salaries of C-level individuals substantially increase, so most of the risk lies in the first year of the business.

A few of Polymath's successes so far

  • 6 ventures operating, since launching Polymath in 2012 (2 more to be launched this year)
  • Operations in Colombia, Mexico and Peru…and China is launching soon
  • Recent closing of large investment vehicle (details to be public soon)
  • Over 300 people employed across the Polymath group
  • All ventures have raised external rounds of capital 
  • Táximo, our first company, is now the largest taxi administration company in Colombia and Peru, and the founders have become Endeavor Entrepreneurs
  • Aflore, our second company has established itself as one of the most innovative models in Latam to provide greatly needed financial services to an underserved middle class. Aflore closed a substantial Series A round from Fiinlab, an innovation lab of Gentera, a publicly traded financial firm in Mexico.

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