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Polymath - México
Mexico City, Mexico

About Polymath Ventures

Polymath Ventures is a company builder.

We create innovative large-scale businesses from scratch, using a combination of design-thinking and business-thinking. We build for the rapidly growing middle class in LatAm & China, in “real” industries like transportation, education, and financial services. We have Polymath offices in LatAm and China, operating 5 companies currently, with 2 new ventures launching this year.

Our mission is to build massive businesses that solve middle-class needs and employ thousands of people.

Mexico-based, connected globally

Five years after its first Seed in Colombia, Polymath is beyond excited to now be expanding into Mexico and China. We believe both markets have incredible potential for innovation and growth.

The Fellowship team will be based full-time in Mexico City, where we are launching our first company outside of Colombia. Beyond venture building, this is an incredible opportunity to help launch a brand new country office and leverage Polymath’s experience and team in Colombia and China.

Polymath deliberately selected Colombia as its launching point in the LatAm region for its talent ecosystem, friendliness towards doing business, and the potential of its exciting social, and economic transformations.

What is the Venture Design & Acceleration Fellowship?

The objective of the Venture Design & Acceleration Fellowship (VDAF) is to bring together a small, elite team of business and design thinkers to design and launch a new venture in Mexico.

In Mexico, we are designing a new venture in the middle-class housing market. We will soon complete Seed, the phase in which we uncover market insights and design a new venture. We will enter a phase we call Redesign, where we ground the initial design into the realities of venture launch. Re-design is when we make our final decision as to whether to launch the venture and if so, prepare the full strategy to do so.

VDAF begins with Redesign, providing Fellows with extraordinary insight into early-stage (pre-launch) venture design. We deploy methodologies that cover human-centered design, lean prototyping and experimentation, and business modeling.

VDAF will extend into a phase we call Acceleration when we launch the venture into the world. Fellows will gain first-hand exposure to bringing a venture design into reality and will gain a deep understanding of early-stage prioritization, ops, team building, organization structure, project management and rapid learning cycles.

The Details

Duration: VDAF will last 4 months (Nov 15 through Mar 16), with the opportunity to extend to full-time employment in Mexico.

Sector: We have spent the last four months diving deeply into the middle-class Housing sector in Mexico. After exploring many different needs we uncovered, we are finishing Seed with a business concept in the Home Improvement/Remodeling space for the middle class. This is an industry with an enormous market size, yet with large fragmentation, informality and consistently poor quality. We believe there is a large business opportunity in building a high-quality, professional remodeling service at affordable prices for LatAm’s middle class.

Compensation: $2500 /month + round-trip airfare + visa + health insurance. This is enough to live in a nice part of town, go out for meals and drinks, and do a bit of local traveling.

The Basic Requirements

  • Minimum 4 years of work experience; 6 or more years are desirable
  • BA or BS from a top school in your field
  • Experience or strong desire to work in developing countries
  • English fluency
  • Spanish fluency highly desirable. Minimum: Intermediate
  • Full-time commitment from Nov 15 – Mar 16

Which profile fits you best?

  • Designer: You’ve applied your skills to real human problems based on insights about people
  • Business Expert: You can imagine amazing business solutions in the most obscure places
  • Technologist: Not only can you code, but you care about how people use your work
  • Wild Card: You have a unique background, and you think you’d make a great fellow

The application process

We are running on a tight schedule, so we’ll need to move quickly.

  1. Apply directly through our web portal here. If you have any issues, you can access our jobs page.
  2. Submit your application by Oct 15, 2017, 11:59 pm PST. Selections are on a rolling basis, and we strongly encourage submitting as soon as possible. Candidates that we believe are a good fit will be contacted right away.
  3. Screening – We will review and schedule first interviews.
  4. First interview – We understand your experiences and motivation.
  5. Second interview – We understand how you think through complex problems.
  6. Final offer – We will let you know by Oct 30rd, this will give you about two weeks to prepare for travel. Not much time!
  7. Read more about Polymath and our experience running our first seed in 2012 at and our expectations for 2017 in

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About Polymath

Polymath Ventures is a company builder for emerging markets. Using a combination of business and design-thinking, Polymath creates new business ventures — from scratch, to scale massively across Latin America. Our companies address the latent needs of the growing middle class through innovative products and services.

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