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Latin America’s FinTech Boom: industry analysis

In our latest Industry Insights report, we analyze why FinTech solutions are becoming such a driving force across Latin America. Renowned global players like Softbank, QED Investors, Tencent or Sequoia Capital have already set their eyes in Latin America by placing big bets and deploying teams across the region.

This report explores the market dynamics and macroeconomic trends that have opened up space for the adoption and dissemination of FinTech solutions across the region, from the point of view of individual consumers and SME’s.

However, we still see a highly fragmented FinTech ecosystem in Latin America, with only a few players managing to develop cross-market solutions that serve the large underserved population. For that reason, we believe that there still are ample opportunities to develop and invest in regional FinTech businesses and take advantage of the industry’s significant momentum.

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