Women in Latin America are entering the workforce in greater and greater numbers. In 2013, our Seed team — an industrial designer, a management consultant, a film-maker, an entrepreneur and an international studies graduate — explored this societal shift and its effects on families. Through personal stories the team uncovered rich insights and identified opportunity spaces for women and their families. From new exercise business models to flex work programs, the team built and tested their ideas until a concept for an after-school learning center, began to take real traction.

The Journey

From conversations to ideas to MVP

Understanding changing dynamics

The Working Women team learned about the lives and experiences of working women through the mothers, daughters, sisters, professionals, caregivers and retirees that lived them. They learned about the expectations put on “guerreras” (female warriors!), as they referred to themselves, as they worked to balance family, relationships, and career.

Strong demand for enriching child-care

Moms (and dads) feel a strong sense of guilt when they have to be away from their children. When going to work or to places where they can’t bring their kids, parents worry about how their their safety, health, and how they are being treated. They know that they can provide the best for their kids, and are always looking for the best day care, and education and recreation options.

The True Opportunity

After exploring numerous design concepts and testing with users, the team found an opportunity to solve a particular pain point: what to do with kids when they are out of school but parents are still at work. Testing proved very well for a fun and engaging place where kids could learn and play together, developing skills not necessarily taught in school.

After-school Learning Centers

KIDU is a chain of after-school learning and play spaces for children ages 6-12. Designed to equip the next generation of kids through a “21st Century Learning” curriculum, KIDU offers homework help and the building of non-cognitive skills like leadership and collaboration. KIDU builds strong customer bonds through experiential learning and customizable memberships to adapt to parents schedules.

The Team

Working Women 2013

Craig Edelman
Advisor @ Polymath

Lukas Friedeman
ADVISOR @ Polymath

Adam Reineck

Juliana Florez

Nate Falck