Venture building: the evolution of the startup model

Venture builders are organizations that build companies in-house from pre-concept to full-scale operations. Many company builders not only create and incubate ideas in-house, but also make seed-stage investments in startups outside of the company. Unlike incubators and accelerators, venture builders do not accept applications from outside startups nor do they run a competitive program.

Venture builders have a mandate to build a strong, experienced team that can service all of the ventures built from within, starting with the founders, who frequently have a history of successful careers in investments, consulting, design, etc. Professionals with backgrounds in management, engineering, programming, and marketing often round out the team, offering their experience to the ventures during the early and growth stages. The startups share resources beyond talent, including business services, accounting, processes, networking, and fundraising. However, companies should eventually become independent entities and create standalone teams once they reach a critical mass.

Venture builders raise capital, staff resources, design business models, work with legal teams, build MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), hire business development managers and run marketing campaigns during their ventures’ pre and post-launch phases.

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