Kidu provides year-round, high quality childhood development products that aim to build the next generation of well-rounded students and global citizens. Kidu focuses on non-cognitive skill-building while supporting school work through tutoring. In 2+ years of operation, Kidu operated one site, acquiring a number of clients across 3 product lines. Despite this success at the site level, we learned it was a niche product with limited scalability in the market. This finding led us to sell the business to the KIDU site director who continues to operate the site in Bogotá.


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Building KIDU

The journey from MVP to operations to growth

Insights from research

During the 2013 Working Women Seed, our team learned that moms (and dads) felt a deep sense of guilt when they had to be away from their kids, like the times when kids are home from school, but they are still at work. They wanted their kids to have wholesome, fulfilling activities, not to be just left in front of TV or video games.

Business model

KIDU is a network of after-school education centers for children ages 6-12. With a curriculum that incorporates 21st Century Learning pedagogies, KIDU focuses on non-cognitive skill building while supporting schoolwork through tutoring. Families purchase monthly membership packages, and single fees for events and camps.

Initial challenges

With a finite number of families living around each education center, member retention is a key metric of the business. KIDU needs to not only consistently deliver high-quality learning experiences to children, but to communicate their value to demanding parents as well. Year one saw KIDU striving to align around a great product and message.

The venture today

After eighteen months of operating their first center, KIDU has established a strong following of families for both their after-school and camp products with increasing capacity rates for both. They have successfully structured education and operations programs and teams around flexible, customizable curriculums for families.

What the future holds

KIDU is preparing expansion to more centers across Colombia and Latin America, as it works to consistently fill their pilot space to full capacity. They are growing their camp offering, and building modular, space-independent educational products and teams for off-site events or within partner locations like schools and community centers.

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"Kidu es lo que para muchos niños en el futuro será el mejor recuerdo de su niñez"

Andrea - Kidu

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