Mesa is a chain of quick service restaurants that specializes in nutritious and delicious sandwiches and sides for the whole family to enjoy at lunch and dinner. Launched in Q1 2017, Mesa creates delightful experiences through a menu of tasty meals served in an inviting environment by a professionally trained staff. After 6 months of operation in the first locale, Mesa realized that it did not have enough business model innovation to ensure scalability and as a result it was closed in March 2018.

Building Mesa

The journey from MVP to operations to growth

Insights from research

During the 2015 Mature Adulthood Seed, our team observed the everyday habits of 40-65 year olds in Bogotá, Colombia, and Mexico City, Mexico. We saw many lifestyle-related health issues but learned that as much as people wanted to, eating well was difficult while balancing work, family and social lives.

Business model

Mesa is a quick service restaurant chain that offers a set menu of sandwiches, sides and drinks for lunch and dinner. The target market includes Gen X and Millenials, and aims to shift the Colombian pallet to more fresh and complex — yet fulfilling meal options. Elevating the sandwich experience.

Initial challenges

Set to one its doors in Q1 2017, Mesa has recruited a talented team of hospitality, business, and design experts. With a launch plan that includes multiple physical locations, Mesa will test and iterate not only its menu offering, but its service and interior design experience and business model, simultaneously in different settings.

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Meet some of our team

Andrés Cruz
Partner @ Polymath

Gustavo Cuervo
Founder @ Mesa

Felipe Mejía
Business Design @ Polymath

Juan Ignacio Correa
Lead Business Designer @ Polymath

Yohana Sanabria
Growth Manager @ VincuVentas

"We're a start-up for start-ups. It's very meta."

Kevin McElroy - Advisor @ Polymath

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