Polymath Ventures is a company builder for emerging markets. Using a combination of business and design-thinking, Polymath creates new business ventures — from scratch, to scale massively across Latin America. Our companies address the latent needs of the growing middle class through innovative products and services.


Fully operating companies designed, launched, and grown.


Talented and passionate individuals from across the globe working to build great companies.


Funding raised for our ventures.


countries where our companies operate

Building Polymath

The journey from MVP to operations to growth

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Meet some of our team

Wenyi Cai
Founder & Managing partner @ Polymath

Craig Edelman
Founding Partner @ Polymath

Kevin McElroy
Advisor @ Polymath

Ash Kirvan
Advisor @ Polymath

Carlos F. de la Pradilla
Founding Partner @ Polymath

Rosanne Koning
Lead Business Designer @ Polymath

Ralph van Krimpen
Technologist @ Polymath

Marcela Pérez
Business Analyst @ Polymath

Leonardo Diaz
Business Analyst @ Polymath

Sebastian Ordoñez
Finance Manager @ Polymath

Sonia Moyano
Accountant @ Polymath

Alejandra Guevara
Accountant @ Polymath

Santiago Rojas
Legal intern @ Polymath

Luis Castillo
Principal & Head of Talent Acquisition @ Polymath

Ana María de la Espriella
Team builder & recruiter @ Polymath

Andrew Hallman
Principal @ Polymath

Thomas Harsch
Founder & COO @ Elenas

Osa Edelman
VP of treat research @ Polymath

Nicolás Perez
@ Polymath

Andrés Cruz
Partner @ Polymath

Juan Ignacio Correa
Lead Business Designer @ Polymath

Zach Oschin
Founder & CGO @ Elenas

Yuan Li
Business Analyst @ Polymath

Mateo Tarabal
Business Designer @ Polymath

Ruddy Valcárcel
Human Resources Senior Specialist @ Polymath

Catalina Ortiz
Junior Lawyer @ Polymath

Constantino Ruiz
Product Manager @ Polymath

Raphael Kromer
Investment Associate @ Polymath

Juan Manuel Castro
Principal @ Polymath

Francisco Paz
CFO @ Polymath

Eliel Chang
Finance Analyst @ Polymath

Katharina Sommerkamp
Business Designer @ Polymath

Wilm Kranz
Investment Associate @ Polymath

Berta Argente
Investment Analyst @ Polymath

"You know you are doing things right when you are surrounded by people that teach you something new every day"

Leonardo Diaz - Business Analyst @ Polymath

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