Latin America’s leading medical procedures platform, providing quality care and transparent prices for the middle-class

Building Tani

The journey from MVP to operations to growth

Insights from research

When it comes to healthcare for the middle class in latam, our team discovered there are clear gaps in what both the formal and informal systems offer to patients when they need a medical procedure: the public system is slow and painful to navigate, while the private one can be costly and not always transparent.

Business model

Tani is a managed marketplace of medical procedures that provides patients in the middle class with quality surgeons, price transparency, financial accessibility and most importantly continuous support in their health journey. On the other hand, Tani helps surgeons, especially emerging ones, reduce their administrative load, optimize their work and build a strong reputation.

The venture today

Currently, Tani is operating in Mexico City. As of now, Tani offers 18 different procedures across 3 specialities: urology, general surgery and orthopedics. We are constantly onboarding new surgeons, adding new procedures and providing care and support for our patients in every step of their journey.

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Meet some of our team

Natalie Copuroglu
Entrepreneur in Residence - CEO @ Tani

Joaquin Nassar
Business Designer @ Polymath

Juan Marco Rivera
Service Designer @ Polymath

Moises Guzmán
@ Polymath

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