VincuVentas is an employment technology company specializing in careers in sales. Through data analytics and a human-centered approach, VincuVentas demystifies — and quantifies, the magic behind what makes a good salesperson, allowing sales professionals to best profile themselves, and companies to find just the right candidate for their needs.


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Building VincuVentas

The journey from MVP to operations to growth

Insights from research

During the 2013 Labor Seed, our team discovered that although sales careers represented a huge portion of the labor market, it was very difficult for companies to find the right people, and for sales professionals to show their qualities to the market. Existing job channels lacked in profiling skills and matching talent to opportunity.

Business model

VincuVentas is a Saas employment platform bringing together salespeople with the companies that need them. Candidates can join for free to build elaborate, sales-centric profiles, and companies pay a monthly membership to browse candidate pools using sophisticated filters and make contact with the talent they like quickly.

Initial challenges

The first iteration of Vincuventas concentrated on building deep relationships with companies and salespeople to ensure perfect matches was made. After hundreds of talent screenings, rich candidate videos, and lengthy sales processes, the team shifted from an agency pay-per-placement model to a membership-based digital platform.

The venture today

Today has over 200 clients in Colombia including L’Oreal and Allianz, and a database of 70,000 candidates. With a dual-sided connection system, companies are able to hire candidates in an average of 5 days, and able to save, organize and share candidates for future hires.

What the future holds

Vincuventas has seen increasing value in serving large organizations with established talent acquisition and HR processes, and will continue to refine and expand their offering to the sophisticated needs of these clients. Headquartered in Bogotá, they will bolster their capabilities into more cities in Colombia and across the region.

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Meet some of our team

Victor Baumann
Founder & CTO @ VincuVentas

Yohana Sanabria
Growth Manager @ VincuVentas

Gabriele Tani
Full Stack Developer / Data Scientist @ VincuVentas

Georg Hartmann
Software Engineer @ VincuVentas

Maria Paula Figueroa
Product Designer @ VincuVentas

Carolina Medina
Founder & COO @ VincuVentas

Emmanuel Ramos
Social Media & Communications Manager @ VincuVentas

Lola Medina Parra
VP Happiness Officer @ VincuVentas

Moises Guzmán
Customer Service Analyst @ VincuVentas

Nicolás Gómez
FOUNDER & CEO @ VincuVentas

Juan Sebastián Gómez

Romain Conti
Growth Manager @ VincuVentas

"As Yoda says: Do or do not, there is no try"

Luis Castillo - Principal & COO @ Polymath

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