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Build together with like-minded entrepreneurs to found the next generation of transformative startups for Latin America.

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EIR Program Explained

We have a track record (and an obsession) of transforming ideas into actionable realities, and we are looking to join forces with like-minded human beings to build transformative companies.

Our EIR program is all about working together to facilitate your entrepreneurial journey by providing access to Mentors, Networking and a Proven Methodology that will help you scale.


Is this for me?

This program is a great fit if:


  1. You have been exposed to the startup ecosystem
  2. You are a risk-taker and hands on operator
  3. You have experience building and leading teams from scratch
  4. You are curious, solution driven and eager to build
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Starting a company with Polymath Ventures explained:

  1. 1 Tell us about you and enter our selection process

    We want to know who you are, what's on your mind, and who you aspire to become. Our team will review all applications and select the best candidates considering the ones who have a better fit with the program in terms of skills, experience and motivations.

  2. 2 Be part of our EIR BOOTCAMP

    If selected, join our Bootcamp that is a great opportunity to work alongside fellow entrepreneurs and build in real life following our proven methodology and with the guidance of people that have already walked the path. It is designed to collaboratively uncover deep customer insights and formulate suitable business models around them.

  3. 3 Continue building in our EIR PROGRAM

    Following the Bootcamp, a group of entrepreneurs will be selected and granted investment to continue working on their business model with the help and support of our mentors and functional teams with the commitment of following-on funding pending on the achievement of pre-defined milestones.

  4. 4 Scale your business with us

    From fundraising strategies to navigating acquisitions, we combine financial support with expert guidance to drive your business expansion forward

Why build with us

Product Market Fit Expertise

Market Fit Expertise

Functional and Structural Support

and Structural Support

Become a successful founder

a successful founder

Continue building


Product Market Fit Expertise: Polymath’s methodology increases the chances of reaching Product Market Fit by intentionally building solutions around deep insights and with the support of experienced mentors and functional teams. 

50% of companies built using Polymath ́s methodology reach Series A, almost twice the 28% VC industry average

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Polymath Ventures Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Bootcamp?

The Polymath Ventures Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Bootcamp is an immersive and transformative program designed to empower entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to launch successful ventures. It serves as a dynamic platform for individuals eager to challenge the status quo, collaborate with like-minded innovators, and contribute to the creation of groundbreaking startups.

During the EIR Bootcamp, participants engage in a six-week journey that goes beyond traditional entrepreneurial education. The program kicks off with mixers and social settings in the first week, fostering connections within a vibrant entrepreneurial community. Weeks 2-5 delve into the renowned Polymath Ventures Methodology, providing practical insights, strategies, and frameworks for building ventures from scratch.

A distinctive feature of the bootcamp is its emphasis on collaboration and the development of innovative startup ideas. Participants work together to overcome challenges, learn from experiences, and shape concepts with the potential to revolutionize industries. The culmination occurs in Week 6, where participants showcase their visions and ideas in final presentations, creating not only a conclusion but also a launchpad for the next wave of Polymath Ventures investments.

During this period, participants work closely together to delve into the Polymath Methodology, turning insights into tangible concepts.

The collaborative spirit is manifested through brainstorming sessions, concept refinement, and group discussions. Each participant brings a unique set of skills and experiences, contributing to the collective growth of the cohort.

Do I need a co-founder to apply?

No need for a co-founder at this stage of application. Our program is designed to bring together remarkable individuals on a journey to find a co-founder and launch a startup.


What kind of support and resources can participants expect throughout the bootcamp?

1. Mentorship: Our participants benefit from experienced mentors deeply immersed in entrepreneurship. These mentors provide guidance, insights, and personalized support to navigate the complexities of venture creation.**

2. Practical Workshops: The program includes hands-on workshops covering various aspects of the Polymath Methodology and essential entrepreneurial skills. These workshops equip participants with practical knowledge and skills.**

3. Collaborative Workspace: Participants have access to a dynamic workspace that fosters an environment where ideas flow freely, and ventures take shape. This dedicated space encourages interaction and collaboration among participants.

4. Continuous Feedback: Throughout the boot camp, participants receive ongoing feedback on their concepts, strategies, and business models. This iterative feedback loop ensures constant refinement and improvement.**

5. Polymath Ventures Ecosystem: Participants become part of the broader Polymath Ventures ecosystem, gaining exposure to a network of partners, investors, and alumni. This extended network provides ongoing support beyond the duration of the boot camp.

Are there specific industries or sectors that the bootcamp focuses on?

While we are open to a range of industries, we do have a particular focus on Fintech, Verticalized SaaS, and HealthTech.

How does the application process work, and what criteria are used for selection?

The application process for the Polymath Ventures EIR Bootcamp is straightforward. Interested candidates can apply by completing an online form that gathers essential details about their background, experience, and entrepreneurial aspirations.

Selection criteria focus on identifying individuals with a passion for innovation and a desire to contribute to groundbreaking ventures. The program is open to diverse backgrounds, including those exploring entrepreneurship for the first time. Emphasis is on individuals ready to surpass their early achievements, break through limits, and shape the future.

Following the initial application, shortlisted candidates go through a fit interview to check cultural alignment with the collaborative spirit of the EIR Bootcamp community. This ensures that participants share a common commitment to innovation.

Subsequently, candidates move to a round of interviews where they delve into their entrepreneurial aspirations, experiences, and potential contributions to the program.

Can participants apply with an existing startup idea, or is the focus on ideation during the bootcamp?

Absolutely. We encourage applicants at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey, including those with existing startup ideas. The focus of the boot camp extends beyond ideation, providing a platform for participants to refine and develop their existing concepts. Whether you come with a well-formed startup idea or are open to shaping one collaboratively during the program, the EIR Bootcamp is designed to support diverse approaches to venture creation.

Is there a fee associated with the EIR Bootcamp?

100% free