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We don’t build apps. We build companies that address the genuine needs of the emerging middle class in Latin America through innovative service models. We don’t limit ourselves to any one sector — we are excited to move into entirely new spaces with fresh eyes. Our companies range from transportation to education to food, to name a few. (By the way, we love apps.)

We see opportunities in failure

The nature of startups is that not all bets pay off. The following are our ventures which have been launched post-Seed, but have since been discontinued. Each of these experiences are enormous learning opportunities for us to become faster and better at what we do.

Super Ruta
Launched: January 2016
Stopped: December 2016

Super Ruta is a school transportation company that offers schools, children and parents reliable transportation with their trusted staff of drivers and bus coordinators. Although Super Ruta was able to launch and win school contracts, we found limited willingness to pay from middle class schools and parents for a better services, thus limiting the scalability of the business.

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"Polymath is not just a company, it's more like a family"

Ralph van Krimpen - Technologist @ Polymath

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