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Join an amazing team of talented people building companies to empower and impact Latin America's middle-class.

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We bring different backgrounds, skills, and opinions to enrich the collective knowledge and the experience of the team. Our core teams are always ready to build:

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  1. 1 Review our open positions

    Find the one that best fits your interests and abilities. You don’t have to comply with all the requirements, but make sure you have the right skill set and experience.

  2. 2 Fill out the application form

    Attach your resume and answer the specific questions for the role. Share your expectations, experiences and motivations to join us.

  3. 3 Prepare for your interview

    We will review all the applications and if you are a fit for the role you applied for, someone from our team will contact you asap to schedule an interview.

Our Values


Our core values are the reflection of our culture. These are the principles in which we believe, they determine how we behave, what we expect from each other, and how we make decisions. 

Founders Mentality


Results obsessed


Growth Mindset


Pursuit of excellence

of excellence

Team over individuals

over individuals

We all are founders of Polymath, period. We are all owners of the success of our company and enjoy getting our hands dirty so we take action to solve what's not working or improve what can be done better, even if it is not related to our role.

Frequently asked questions

How does the selection process at Polymath Ventures look like?

Our selection process may vary depending on the position but most of our processes look like this:


  • Application Review: Our team of evaluators will evaluate your CV and profile according to the requirements of the position of your interest.
  • Fit interview: 30 Minutes call to get to know you and assess how aligned you are with our values.
  • Technical evaluation: Case interview or take home test to validate your technical skills for the position.
  • Executive interview: 1h interview with the leader of the department.
  • Trial: We invite you to solve a challenge working alongside the Polymath team. This is the best way you and us can evaluate if we are a perfect fit!

What skills or experience are we looking for?

We are looking for several positions that require different skills and backgrounds. We are open to receive any type of experience, but we think it is a plus to have previous experience in high growth environments, big consultancy firms or early stage projects.

How many positions can I apply to?

There is no limit but we review all the applications and we expect our candidates to be very thorough reading the qualifications and requirements of each position. If you think your skills and experience match with more than 1, that’s ok but we encourage you not to apply to more than 2-3.

How long does the selection process take?

There’s no single answer to this question because the length of the hiring process varies depending on the type of position and on the candidates availability, but on average it could take from 3 to 5 weeks.

How long will it take to have an answer about the process?

Offering an outstanding candidate experience is our goal and this is why we want to keep you informed about your process with us. Having an answer shouldn't take more than a week.

Where are we hiring?

For onsite positions, we are currently hiring in Colombia and México, but we have several remote positions for our ventures.

Do I need to be bilingual?

It depends on the position. For some of them it is necessary to be fluent in both english and spanish. For others, spanish is enough