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Harvard Business Review Case Study

| Wenyi Cai

Polymath’s model is the subject of a Harvard Business Review Case Study which will be taught in an HBS course during 2017.

Jeremy Danns and Benjamin Rokoster delved in-depth into our story and methodology. In this case-study, they communicate the story of how Polymath was created, provide insight into how the first ventures were launched, and analyze the growing pains of our complex ecosystem of investors, ventures and their founders, employees, and customers.

Edelman described one memorable investor meeting. After pitching an idea to an enthusiastic boardroom full of executives, the team presented its financing request. “We had asked for an initial investment for 10%, with a conservative valuation, and follow-on rounds. This proposal would have been completely reasonable in Silicon Valley, but in this meeting it was met with silence and then the boardroom erupted in laughter.”

We are very honored that Harvard has taken an interest in our mission and methodology.

Find it here.