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Craig Edelman
Founding Partner @ Polymath

Andrew Hallman
Principal @ Polymath

Francisco Paz
Principal & CFO @ Polymath

Luis Castillo
Principal & COO @ Polymath

Juan Manuel Castro
Advisor @ Polymath

Kevin McElroy
Advisor @ Polymath

Ana Barrera
Founder & CEO @ Aflore

Antoine Dumit
Founder & CEO @ Táximo

Carolina Medina
Founder & COO @ VincuVentas

Manuel Jimenez
Founder & COO @ Aflore

Nicolás Gómez
FOUNDER & CEO @ VincuVentas

Salomón Stroh
Founder & CPO @ Táximo

Salvador Zepeda
Founder & CEO @ Autolab

Thomas Harsch
Founder & CEO @ Elenas

Zach Oschin
Founder & CGO @ Elenas

Andrés Cruz
CPO @ Polymath

Paola Blanco
CFO @ Táximo

Victor Baumann
Founder & CTO @ VincuVentas

Alejandra Guevara
Accountant @ Polymath

Ana Jaramillo
Sourcing Analyst @ Polymath

Berta Argente
Investment Analyst @ Polymath

Eliel Chang
Finance Analyst @ Polymath

Juan Ignacio Correa
Lead Business Designer @ Polymath

Katharina Sommerkamp
Business Designer @ Polymath

Laura Aponte
Accountant Analyst @ Polymath

Lorena Sánchez
Accountant @ Polymath

Mateo Tarabal
Lead Business Designer @ Polymath

Nicole Perez
Senior VP of People Operations @ Polymath

Pablo Simko
Business Analyst @ Polymath

Raphael Kromer
Business Designer @ Polymath

Ruddy Valcárcel
Human Resources Senior Specialist @ Polymath

Sebastian Ordoñez
Business Designer @ Polymath

Sonia Moyano
Senior Accountant @ Polymath

Yuan Li
Business Designer @ Polymath

Alejandro Parra
Lead Technologist @ Táximo

Anamaria Serrano
Graphic Designer @ Elenas

Annamaria Pino
Operations manager @ Aflore

Aydee Quintana
Commercial Manager @ Aflore

Constantino Ruiz
Product Manager @ Autolab

Emmanuel Ramos
Social Media & Communications Manager @ VincuVentas

Francisco Valcarcel
Investment Associate @ Aflore

Gabriele Tani
Full Stack Developer / Data Scientist @ VincuVentas

Georg Hartmann
Software Engineer @ VincuVentas

Juan Pablo Romero Bernal
Senior Software Developer @ Aflore

Juliana Bonilla
Sales Coordinator @ Elenas

Lola Medina Parra
VP Happiness Officer @ VincuVentas

Maria Paula Figueroa
Product Designer @ VincuVentas

Mauricio Rugeles
Risk and Data Analytics Director. @ Aflore

Moises Guzmán
Customer Service Analyst @ VincuVentas

Richard Pichardo
Operations Product Manager @ Táximo

Sorelys Sandoval
Junior Developer @ Elenas

Ximena Ruget
Product Manager @ Aflore

Yohana Sanabria
Growth Manager @ VincuVentas

Team member spotlight

Luis Castillo

Luis joined the group as VP of operations for VincuVentas

He then transitioned to Polymath as VP of Talent Acquisition, and before long as Principal

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One of the very first Seed projects we ran explored how the middle class in Colombia engage with financial services


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