We are a united team of individuals from all over the world who have come together to build big. Whether at Polymath or a venture, we push hard, with open eyes, clear minds and big hearts.

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Juan Pablo Ortiz
Managing Director Polymath+ @ Polymath

Damian Alcedo
Sr. Director @ Polymath

Francisco Paz
Director @ Polymath

Mateo Tarabal
Director @ Polymath

Juan Ignacio Correa
Director @ Polymath

Nicole Perez
Director @ Polymath

Maria Paula Polchlopek
Director @ Polymath

Craig Edelman
Advisor @ Polymath

Ana Barrera
Founder & CEO @ Aflore

Manuel Jimenez
Founder & COO @ Aflore

Luis Castillo
Chief Growth Officer @ Aflore

Zach Oschin
Founder & CEO @ Elenas

Antoine Dumit
Founder & CEO @ Táximo

Salvador Zepeda
Founder & CEO @ Autolab

Andrew Hallman
CGO @ Autolab

Raphael Kromer
Entrepreneur in Residence @ Polymath

Juan David Vizcaya
Entrepreneur in residence @ Polymath

Natalie Copuroglu
Entrepreneur in Residence - CEO @ Tani

Victor Baumann
CTO @ Polymath

Roberto Porru
Entrepreneur in residence @ Polymath

Sonia Moyano
VP Finance & Accouting @ Polymath

Lucía Jaramillo
Service Designer @ Polymath

Joaquin Nassar
Business Designer @ Polymath

Alicia Santa
Marketing Associate @ Polymath

Diego Zarate
Full Stack Developer @ Polymath

Hector Mireles
Service Designer @ Polymath

Juan Marco Rivera
Service Designer @ Polymath

Daniel Abraham
Chief of Staff @ Polymath

Moises Guzmán
@ Polymath

Sandra Lopez
Talent Manager @ Polymath

Luisa Bolívar
Talent Specialist @ Polymath

Maria Camila Montilla
TA Business Partner @ Polymath

Lorena Sánchez
@ Polymath

Carlos Hugo Moreno
Finance & Administration Director @ Aflore

Laura Aponte
Accountant Analyst @ Polymath

Axl Contreras
Accountant & Treasury Assistant @ Polymath

Angie Tatiana Riaño
Treasury Assistant @ Polymath

Federico Muller
Senior Product Manager @ Aflore

Ximena Ruget
Marketing Director @ Aflore

Rafael Hernández
Credit & Portfolio Director @ Aflore

Carolina Herrera
Tech Product Manager @ Aflore

Juan Pablo Romero Bernal
Engineering Lead @ Aflore

David Quintero
VP of Operations @ Autolab

Rafael Pérez
Tech VP @ Autolab

Joselyn Cruz
Finance Manager @ Elenas

Eliel Chang
Interim VP of Supply @ Elenas

Alejandra Perdomo
People Operations Manager @ Elenas

Georg Hartmann
Engineering Manager @ Elenas

Juliana Bonilla
Logistics Leader @ Elenas

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