• 25K

    Independent Advisors

  • $17M+

    USD Disbursed

  • $10.9M

    USD Capital Raised


Insights from Research

During the Financial Services Ideation, our team discovered a striking cultural trend. They observed that while over 65% of the Colombian population does not engage with commercial banks, almost all interview participants received informal financial advice and services through trusted people or role models within their social circles.


Our approach

After understanding the role and motivations of informal financial advisors, the team established a business concept anchored on this recurring personality within middle-class communities in Colombia: the community advisor. It became clear that human relationships built upon trust were key to offer tailored financial services for our demographic.


Business Model:

Aflore is a direct sales network for financial services for those neglected the formal banking sector. It recruits trusted advisors within middle-income communities, and mobilizes them with training, digital tools, and the appropriate financial products, loans and insurance, to serve the financial needs of their trusted network.


The Venture Today:

Aflore has achieved important milestones and recognition for its business

  • Over 23,000 disbursed loans
  • Tech platform with 95% of loan applications through digital channels
  • Secured US$10m of debt from Accial Capital in September 2020
  • Closed a pre-series B round of US$6.6m in February 2021
  • Forbes Top 100 digital startups in Colombia
  • Expanded their portfolio to include non-lending products with nationwide partners such as Sura, HDI, and R5.
  • Their core team has grown to +100 members

What the future holds:

Aflore aims to become the main financial platform for the emerging middle-class in Latin America. With a growing pool of active financial advisors, an increasingly diversified product portfolio, and rapid adoption of its digital journey, Aflore will scale its model of providing the unbanked and underbanked of the region with financial solutions designed for them.