Polymath Ventures is now an official advisor of the Global Startup Studio Network

We are excited to announce that Polymath Ventures has been appointed by the Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN) as its board advisor!

The Global Startup Studio Network is a highly curated community of startup studios from around the world. GSSN gives startup studios and their portfolio companies access to the human and financial capital they need so that they can build powerful businesses and make a meaningful impact, wherever they call home.

Polymath Ventures will advise the GSSN Community on matters regarding methodology, prototyping, early-stage fundraising, talent acquisition and several other topics that make startup studios the most relevant value proposition for the future. In addition to our participation, the board will be composed of five other startup studios from around the world, including Enhance, eFounders, Pioneer Square Labs, Human Ventures and 10.10.10. Beyond the board, the community of official studio members in the network is expected to grow significantly over the coming months and years, as well.

The startup studio model is increasing at a frantic rate around the world. Through the studio model, new companies are systematically created, validated and scaled, minimizing the rate of failure and maximizing impact.

“In the past two decades, we’ve seen huge amounts of venture capital being deployed around the world. In most cases, these investments lack the proper due diligence, understanding of the market and the founder teams to guarantee a successful return on investment. The studio model offers a stamp of quality to entrepreneurship, due to the combination of extensive validation through iteration, deep understanding of market dynamics and proper assembling of the founding team – all under a structured methodology. – Luis Castillo, Chief Growth Officer at Polymath Ventures.

In Latin America, where venture capital and talent are scarce, but pain points are present across all industries and demographics levels, the studio model can provide the structure needed to problem solve and raise capital for startup success.

Through the GSSN Community, startup studios will find allies to continue pushing their value proposition forward, along with opportunities to collaborate and share learnings among their studio peers, will gain access to resources for not only studio staff but also for studio portfolio companies, and will garner continuing data on studios and their companies, allowing them to benchmark their programs and gain insights into studio trends around the world. “The foundation of this network, with the support of GSSN’s parent company, GAN (a similar global community of accelerators), and the involvement of other successful startups is a confirmation of the relevance of this methodology and an opportunity to keep generating value and supporting the development of entrepreneurs around the world”, says Luis Castillo, Chief Growth Officer at Polymath Ventures.

Nick Zaswoski, Managing Director at GSSN, said, “We are thrilled to have Wenyi Cai and the team at Polymath Ventures as part of the GSSN board, not only because this studio has a proven track record of building great companies, but because they embody one of our deepest values – that startups are the backbone of emerging economies and their local cities, transforming societies through job, values, and wealth creation, and often lead the way in sustainable economic development. We believe startups are changing the future, and we are proud to have Polymath as an ally in giving them all the tools they need to do just that.”

We are excited to move along this journey with the Global Startup Studio Network, as both a board member and a studio in the community, and continue betting on the future of startup creation around the world.